Schengen Visa Info: Legal considerations

The Schengen Visa Info Site is a website whose purpose is purely informational. It is in no way associated to any institution of the European Union.

The Schengen Visa Info Site also offers a range of insurance tailored to Schengen regulations.

Access to the site and use of its content are subject to the conditions described below. Schengen Visa Info retains the right to modify these terms at any time and without prior notice.

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Code and generally, treaties and international agreements containing provisions relating to the protection of copyright, prohibit, whatever the method used, in whole or in part, the display or reproduction of our pages for any purpose other than for private use, or their modification without the express permission of the author or their successors. Act No. 98-536 of 1 July 1998 on databases makes no exception for private copying.

Note that two images are borrowed from the Photo-Libre.Fr image bank.

Privacy of Personal Data

In accordance with Article 34 on Data Protection Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify and delete at any time any data concerning you.

Furthermore, no cookies are used on this website but may be used by websites that allow access to our website or to any website redirected by our website.

Information Accuracy

Organisations which provided information used to create this website give no warranty as to the accuracy of the information published.

The Schengen Visa Info site may provide links from its website to other websites. These websites are independent. Therefore, Schengen Visa Info cannot be held liable for their contents, products, advertising or any item or service offered.

Commercial offers

Insurance products offered under the “Insurance” section of this website were selected by Assurances & Conseils Moncey, consulting and insurance brokerage, subject to supervision by French Authorities.

Legal Information

In accordance with French Act No. 2004-275 on trust in digital economy, you are hereby informed that this website has been published by Assurances & Conseils SARL Moncey, located at 11, rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, 75009 Paris (France) in partnership with Association éditoriale du Loup Rouge since April 2007 (2013 for the English version). It is hosted by OVH.


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