Visa Schengen Information

Welcome to the Visa Schengen Information web site, where you can find general information on Schengen Visa. This website is regularly updated with the entry of new countries into the Schengen area.


3 sections on Visa Schengen Info web site

Visa Schengen Info web site is subdivided into three sections:

– section one explains what the Schengen area in Europe is and the Agreements which are the source of its creation,

– the second one presents the Schengen Visa, is the parties involved and how to get this visa,

– finally, the last one presents the medical / repatriation costs insurance programme meeting the requirements of the Schengen Agreement.


Visa Schengen information and insurances

We hope that these information are useful for the preparation of your stay in the Schengen area. Several insurances are proposed on Visa Schengen Information web site to complete your file for the Embassy or Consulate. You can find the minimum required (lowest rates) and also more comprehensive coverages.


visa Schengen information


Schengen Area

Since 14 June 1985, the “Schengen area” has meant the area comprising the fifteen countries that in 2008 joined the Schengen Agreement (their number changed recently and may increase further in the coming …

Administration & Schengen

If you are a third-country national you may enter and travel through the territories of the Member States that apply Schengen rules, for a maximum time span of three months, on condition you fulfil the entry criteria …

Schengen Visa Insurance

Custom travel insurance among the cheapest for your visa to the Schengen area.

From €0.49 / day,

No limit to the age at which you can be insured, …

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